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We’re Done Done Done With All The…

July 7, 2009

This is an opinion piece about opinion pieces.  A great deal of media discourse comes in the form of opinion and speculation.  The 24 hours news cycle is filled with experts and commentators giving their perspective on issues.  Often these people lack evidence for what they are saying, and indeed at times they contradict reality.  Yet under the guise of journalism they pass off information that may or may not be true. This situation has been criticized before, particularly in response to the rampant speculation that appears when a big news event occurs, like the death of Michael Jackson. Facts easily outdo speculation, but require more patience.

In reading an older text on the state of Canada’s poor, I came across a number of columnists claiming that Canada was the most overtaxed country in the world, along side evidence proving this was not the case.  I was inclined to believe that iff you asked Canadians if they were overtaxed, you’d probably find more people believe in the columnists than the facts. But I decided to do some research and discovered that in a 2002 survey, most Canadians asked said they were willing to pay higher taxes to improve or sustain public health care and other social services.  So maybe the majority in this country recognize the value in funding social programs.