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Step Right Up

November 5, 2009

A couple of people I know are behind a photography contest here in Hamilton.  It sounds like a neat little competition so here is the information:

Fix Our World of Hamilton will be hosting a Photography Contest during the local Art Crawl on December 11th, 2009 starting at 8 pm. The idea is to show “What is Your View of Hamilton”. This could be anything, ideally though it would center on Fix Our World’s main four areas of Poverty, The Environment, Peace and Health.


The call is to submit 3 personally taken photographs on the subject “What’s Your View of Hamilton”? Sizes to be 8 x 10 with each photo will potentially be bid on in the form of a silent auction. The Final Showcase Date December 11th, 2009 at 8pm, held at 3 locations during Art Crawl in downtown Hamilton. Entrants are to submit the photos by November 23rd, 2009 to participate to Fix Our World. Prizes will be awarded for the pictures with the top funds raised in the silent auction


Fix Our World Foundation is a non-partisan and non-denominational organization based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada that utilizes the use of the internet, events, concerts and festivals. We connect with individuals, organizations, university and youth clubs, bands… worldwide, creating campaigns and initiatives to empower all beings to become an active part of the solution, to fix and restore our world.


For More Information and Submissions Please Contact:


Stephanie Chapman

Event Coordinator


Or Linda Lannigan


She Walks Along The Edge Of Where The Ocean Meets The Land

December 10, 2008

If you don’t know, electric co.


Electric Co.

Brand new podcast up tonight featuring the talented and hilarious James Clark. You can check out his work on the podcast of course, but you can also visit his site.  We had a great time and as always you can listen to the podcast on iTunes or over there –>.  I should also mention that the closing song on the podcast is called The World I Used To Live In by James of course.

I made a comment on the last podcast about the U2 song Is That All? sounding a lot like Electric Co.. While I still believe that to be true I should also acknowledge that the band used the intro to the former song as the beginning of a live performance of the latter on their Under A Blood Red Sky album.  Despite that I remain firm that the two songs are remarkably similar.

This post is what I’m going to call a Link Day.  The name should pretty much explain what that’s about.

I would be remiss as a friend if I didn’t point out this great video done by some of Iwona’s (of Toronto Research Blog fame ) friends.  They have entered a contest related to the Scene card. Their commercial is magic themed and it is very impressive.  It’s a long way from the stuff I used to make in high school, which while funny, lacked the cohesion of this piece. Check it out  and vote here. I don’t know what kind of prize they get, but they are poor actors/students so it’s nice to help them out.

If I can find the cable to my camera I have some pictures I want to share with the group. In the mean time you can always go to Dave’s photography blog. It’s currently loaded with great pictures and Dave assures me that once exams are over he will be back to posting all the time.

Short post because of the podcast. Thanks for your continued support and I will be back with more tomorrow.