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Number 1 With A Bullet

February 25, 2009

You can’t rely on time, to change the way you feel, ’cause time it often loses track of who it’s go to heal.

Jill Barber

In Perfect Time

I’m tempted to print the entire lyrics to that Jill Barber song because I think it is a wonderfully written song.  Speaking of songs a little while ago I pointed out my friend Dave’s new blog, The Song Review, and challenged him to write a post about Bruce Cockburn. So he did.  He raised an interesting point in the first post the that blog when he mentioned that this is the “iTunes age.”  His point is that people can buy as many individual songs as they like without being forced to endure the “filler songs,” namely those that are there to make the album long and to justify the price.  People willingly pay $0.99 for Radiohead’s Paranoid Android but probably not their less rocking (though oddly interesting) Fitter Happier. Maybe tracks from Ok Computer aren’t the best examples, but you get the point. Actually if I was pressed I would say that Ok Computer is an example of why the album shouldn’t disappear as an art form. From time to time a grou puts out a record that is great from start to finish.  Some of the quality would be lost if you cherry picked the most popular songs while ignoring the less known tracks.

I’m sure it’s been debated elsewhere, but perhaps we are moving towards the true death of the album.  Although there is a lot of excitement in the coming of a new album, perhaps the music buyer of the future will only be interested in having the very best tracks from many artists, rather than an up and down album from their favourite band.  I really doubt that musicians will give up writing and recording entire albums of songs becuase it’s such a fun process. If the proliferation of independent music labels continues, along with the availability of quality recording equipment, I think we will in fact see more albums, with even more filler songs. The good news is, we can ignore them if we want.

Either way I love the concept behind Dave’s site, so get over there and read!

Life In Technicolor and Puppets, Also Jim Henson

February 6, 2009

Just because I’m losing, doesn’t mean I’m lost.



I’m certain that there have been thousands of internet posts about Coldplay, including some on this very blog. I just wanted to say that their video for Life In Technicolor is pure genius.  I have some puppet related plans for the future, but nothing that will rival that. Although such a big band hardly needs any publicity from me, I am still going to embed the video here.  I love anything to do with puppets.

Puppetry has long been a part of human entertainment, and perhaps no one has ever been more famous for using puppets than Jim Henson and his muppet creations.  From Sesame Street to Fraggle Rock his imaginative creatures expanded the way we say our world. For a young boy with a big imagination he was a hero.  Short post today because all this talk of Jim Henson has made me sad. Enjoy the video!

Not Near Enough

January 26, 2009

Praise the Lord above and sell, sell, sell

David Gray

Sell, Sell, Sell

New podcast is finally up!

In this episode I reveal 3 albums that I think people should listen to, because they probably haven’t.  I am also aware that people are having a hard time keeping up with my podcast schedule, so I am contemplating a change. I haven’t made a firm decision yet, but I will.

This week’s show features music by two artists.

First up is another Shameless Records act, Leisure Co.  They are mainly a side project for several West Coast musicians, and their tunes are infectious. You can find out more about them and get more of their music here.

The other group on this week’s show is Mujaji. A Canadian-American-British grou that seems to have specialized in creating licensed music for film and tv. Their electronic music is well crafted, catchy, and highly entertaining. Although they don’t really function as a group anymore they are stil worth checking out here.  There will be more music from the members of Mujaji in the future, stay tuned to The Alder Fork for that.

Short post today because of the podcast, back tomorrow with some usual content.