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Good Morning World!

December 17, 2008

Just because I’m losing, doesn’t mean I’m lost



Just the one last Coldplay quote before I abandon them for awhile.  I mention them to today because Dave pointed me to a very cool contest the band held recently.  People submitted homemade videos for the song Lost? and the band judged them.  The top two are featured at this site.  I’d recommend checking them out, it’s amazing what people can create.  For that matter if you are an amateur filmmaker and would like to promote your work please contact me and I will link to it.

I often wonder when people come to read the blog. I know you do because I see the stats, but they don’t tell me what time of day you wander by.  Is this a before bed activity? How about right after dinner? Maybe in the morning at work? Who knows? You do!

The title of my blog quotes the name of a favourite show of mine, Good Morning World. You can find it online or on Friday nights at 9:30. It turns out my friend Iwona is friends of a friend of one of the stars. Small world! The show is an improvised morning show that is flat out hilarious! It’s a Canadian production that pretends to be American, so you know it needs some attention.

One last item for you today. For those of you who have heard the album, The Lights I See You In Shadow, or have heard the songs on the blog, I’d like you to vote on a “single” track. I am going to do some special things with the one you pick. The track should be a standout song for you. Consider which one would have wide appeal. Vote below!

Look for a review of a newish album tomorrow!