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July 14, 2009

Those who are familiar with this blog know that I have two other ones floating around.  The more important of these two is  If you stumbled in here looking for information about the band, or The Alder Fork Festival, that is the place to go. The site is updated with up to the moment information about both.


June 30, 2009

I am Henry VIII I am, Henry VIII I am, I am.

Herman’s Hermits (covering an old British Dance Hall song)

I’m Henry VII I Am

This relatively obscure song is my way of saying sorry folks! I’ve been away camping for several days, and without internet a little bit longer.  Thus The Alder Fork has taken a bit of vacation.  The new album is now available in hard copy form through my store.  It is also available directly from me, if you are interested.  I think the album art alone is worth the ten bucks, and the music is the icing on the cake.  Pretty soon it will pop up on iTunes and the circle will be complete, so to speak.

My recent post on HIV was pretty popular so I suspect I will write more on related topics in the near future.  It is fascinating to delve into recent history and witness how the unknown continues to confound and scare our species.  There are certainly other examples, but none as clear cut as the AIDS epidemic.  Some people still believe you can get it from casual contact, even though it has been clearly established that it isn’t possible.

Music Music Music

June 19, 2009

Hi fans of The Alder Fork.  If you’ve had a chance to check out my new album on Amie Street, I’d be ever so grateful if you could sign up for an account (or log into your existing one) and “rec” a song or two. It would really help spread the word about the music. It’s especially helpful if you say things like, this song reminds me of so an so.  That’d be fantastic. Just follow this link and you are all set.

As of right now you can also listen to and request the entire album on New Music Canada.

On another note the album will be hitting iTunes very shortly, so if that’s your preferred musical supplier you will be able to get it there very soon. An announcement will appear here when that happens.  The hard copies of the disc will also be available in the next few days.

As always I very much appreciate your support of my endeavours!

I Awake To Muddy Streets

June 17, 2009

There’s no compromise you see, in the battle of you and me

The Alder Fork

Great Lakes

Another exciting day here at The Alder Fork.  When I apologized for my absenteeism I used a new album as my excuse.  Well the album is officially done today!  I will be putting out a podcast in a day or so with a lot of the music from the disc. In the meantime you can get it through Amiestreet, buy a physical copy at my Etsy store (you will also find my book there), or wait a couple of weeks and get it on iTunes.  Thanks go to Elle, Dave, Heather, and Matt for their ears and assistance with the album.

Down To The River

June 1, 2009

The Colour I Remember Most

With the release of the new album mere weeks away, I wanted to give you a sneak preview of what the cover may look like. This isn’t 1005 in stone, but it is likely going to be the cover.  I took inspiration from my travels in Western Canada and my love of the Group of Seven.  The poem I grabbed the album title from is about Lawren Harris (I should know I wrote it).  This picture was created with pencil and crayola marker.  Let me know your thoughts on this piece of work.  In the coming weeks I will be previewing songs and the rest of the album art.

A Potter Of Plans

May 29, 2009

Every good song must come to an end
Even as I beg for the notes to carry on
It’s only the sound of your voice
That keeps me moving forward from day to day
When the music settles
As snow on the porch
I stumble backwards into my head
And the senseless shame
With layers of sorrow
Crowd me again as if I am alone
I walk to the record player
Slide the needle back
So I can listen again to my love
Spinning your words and rhymes

Peter Snow

The Notes

Today is an exciting day at The Alder Fork.  My first publication, Potter of Plans Poems About Canada, has just arrived in hard copy form.  If you would like a copy drop me a line at, or you can get it at by clicking the link on the sidebar.  At the link you will also find a 15 page preview of the book so you can get a sense of it before buying.  Very shortly I will be launching a store at to sell the books and my albums.  Once again the book is $10 plus shipping if you don’t  live within drop off distance.

I Awake To Muddy Streets

May 23, 2009

Today, The Alder Fork presents the first in what will likely be a series of video experiments.  This one is based around the song Piling Snow.  The theme of the song and the video is isolation.  I am planning to do more videos around my various songs, hoefully addressing the them of the lyrics in each one (without being too literal).

After Many Years

May 19, 2009

Your eyes do not deceive you, there is indeed a link to my new book over on the sidebar.  Potter of Plans: Poems About Canada is a collection of my poems about this country. Some have appeared on this very blog in recent weeks, and there are many more in the book. You can order it through that link, or if you know me I can get you a copy when the first ones arrive in a couple of weeks.

I have long wanted to do this, and The Alder Fork has given me the confidence and ability to do so.  The collection represents the sum of my poetry from the last 6 months.  Obviously, I have rejected some of my output in order to put the best material in the book.  I have been quite pleased with what my imagination has come up with lately.

In honour of this auspicious occasion I offer you yet one more poem from this collection:

Short Note of Thanksgiving

It’s the colour I remember most
You used it
In all of the paintings you sold me
I wish
I wish I could buy more
But money
Is always tight around here
My fault?
Not with this economy
But really
The paintings were lovely
Thank you

From The Harbour Out To Sea

May 16, 2009

This land is your land, this land is my land.

Another Victoria Day weekend has arrived in Canada.  It’s an occasionally debated occasion in this country.  Everyone is in favour of a day off in the middle of May, but some aren’t so sure we should be celebrating a long dead monarch who never visited this country, and represents the deplorable concept of imperialism to a large degree.  Regardless this is a chance to shake off the winter and be hopeful for a long, warm summer.

In honour of the weekend here is a new song from my upcoming album The Colour I Remember MostCoast to Coast was written back in the fall as a folk-inspired piece. I immediately shared it with my good friend Matt in the hope that he would cover it.  In the meantime I’ve tweaked it in my own style.  Lyrically this track is at first a meditation on the economic crisis that has gripped the world, but my intentions were a bit deeper than that. I was thinking about what people focus on in their lives, and what events leave long term effects.  I might have been wondering how history will remember this period of time.  I might also have been spouting some philosophical nonsense. You be the judge.

As with all my songs this one is subject to change. Enjoy Coast to Coast.

A Short Piece

April 28, 2009

A poem from an upcoming collection:

Mail Order Surprise

They say I bribed the shopkeeper
To sell it to me at half the price
“There’s no way, you could buy it
Not on your salary”
I said, “How do you know
What I make in a month
And quality is worth it”
Why would I tell them my secret?
That the Italians had it
On special
Because they don’t know the value
Of a space heater
In Pickle Lake
In January