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Gratitude and Satisfaction

September 13, 2009

The biggest event on my calendar every year is The Alder Fork Festival. Last night’s version was a rousing success.  The music was great, the cake looked fantastic, and we raised a substantial amount of money for the Eating Disorder Awareness Coalition of Waterloo Region.  Thank you again to The Clark Institute, Matthew Blacquiere, Dave Fallis, the members of my band, the fantastic volunteers, and everyone who came out and supported such a worthwhile cause.  I am already contemplating next year’s version.

The exuberance of the crowd, and the talent on display were the two highlights for me. This was arguably the best festival in the 10 years I’ve run it. The performances were top notch, and the whole evening ran without a hitch. If you missed this year’s event you will still be able to contribute to in the coming weeks, when a recording of the festival is released for sale. All proceeds of the sale will be donated to EDACWR.

It’s The Rhythm Of The Sea

April 7, 2009

Sleeping in my favourite shirt.

The Clark Institute

Sleeping in my favourite shirt

New podcast is up today.  It is a very special 25th episode.  I announce the details for The 2009 Alder Fork Festival.  I also talk a little bit about the history of the event and the chosen charity, Eating Disorder Awareness Coalition of Waterloo Region.  I will probably devote an entire blog post to the organization, and am planning to set up a separate page for the festival.  The rest of the details are:

The Alder Fork Festival
In support of:
Eating Disorder Awareness Coalition of Waterloo Region
Saturday September 12, 2009
Featuring the music of:
Dave Fallis
The Clark Institute
Matthew Blacquiere
The Alder Fork
The Registry Theatre
122 Fredrick St., Kitchener, Ontario
Doors at 6:30pm, Show starts at 7pm
$10 available from the acts, by emailing or at the door

A Sentimental Journey To The Banks Of A Battle That’s Done

April 5, 2009

And the people have gone, to another place.

The Alder Fork

A Slow Lake Before Us

I’ve done a lot of Alder Forkcentric posts in the last few days and I promise that tomorrow I will be back to the usual fare with a review of Doug Folkins new album. Today though I want to announce a new “push” to promote the band part of The Alder Fork. Although it was the catalyst for the blog and the podcast, the musical group has been vastly under-promoted.  Those of you who follow the podcast and podcast know I put a great deal of work into them. So,with the new disc approaching some form of completion I have decided to relaunch the band with a lot more fanfare and effort.  Step 1 is finally creating a CBC Radio 3 profile. Pinstripe Mystery had one, and it’s a great way for an indie band to get on the web, and potentially find their way onto the radio/podcast.  You can hear a couple of new tracks there now, and if you like the group please tell a friend!  I will have copies of the new disc, The Colour I Remember Most, ready to go in about a month.  I will likely be doing some mailings to press people and the like, so if you want to help with that let me know. For now you can hear Piling Snow, A Slow Lake Before Us, The Mountain, The Open Door, and Coast to Coast.

If you go back to the James Clark podcast you will find a brief discussion of the trials and tribulations of promoting a new record as an unsigned act.  It is something he is all too familiar with, despite the fact that his material should sell itself (it’s that good).  He told the story of a radio station that absolutely loved his previous album to the point that it lived on the charts.  But after a change in management he was told that his new album wasn’t going to be played at all.  Fortunately, some stations like Waterloo’s on campus CKMS picked up the slack. Pinstripe Mystery spent a couple of weeks on their charts with our raw disc, Muffin Parfait.

I have one last bit of incredibly exciting news that relates to CBC Radio 3.  In the next few weeks The Alder Fork Podcast will feature both Amanda Putz and Grant Lawrence. I am thrilled to have both of these promoters of indie music on my show.  Stay tuned for more details.

When I Spy A Monster

January 21, 2009

Get myself a final glimpse of the world I used to live in.

The James Clark Institute

The World I Used To Live In

Yet another episode of The Alder Fork Podcast is available over there –>. This episode features a discussions about a classic TV show, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and interreligious dialogue. Needless to say it is a bit of a different show!  I am featuring music by the very talented Laura Smith, whose music you can find out about here, and The James Clark Institute.

If you are interested in learning more about interreligious dialogue I recommend using google to find a local group that is involved in facilitating that type of discussion. Kitchener-Waterloo has the Interfaith Grand River group. Organizations like this tend to exist in most centres with a number of religious communities.

Short post today because of the podcast, but tomorrow our first guest writer, Iwona Szkudlarek, will bring us Six things you didn’t know about the GTA.