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In The Frost That Formed On My Window

November 24, 2008

I’m on a roll, I’m on a roll, this time, I feel my luck could change.



At this point in the story we have to back track a little bit to the time between the end of high school and the release of Lemon Orange Lime.  A few interesting things happened that led to new musical collaborations and performances, and a lot more writing.  Towards the end of OAC, Matt and I began playing gigs as an acoustic duo, doing mainly cover songs.  We played at our high school, at a Canada Day party (complete with wireless mics!) and at the annual Mid-Summer Festival of Peace and Tranquility (essentially a party in my backyard that has been held every year since 1999).  Very little remains of those shows, except one cover of a Seven Mary Three song called Lucky. We were very lucky to have such great friends who supported us the whole way.  The final show featured a lot of instruments, a ton of cover tunes, an exit sign full of funny ideas, and was a fitting end to high school.

At the end of the summer Matt and I both moved to the city of Waterloo to attend different universities. Our musical collaboration has never totally ended but it takes a back seat in the story.  It was in the first few weeks of school that I met the Daves, Fallis and Zettel, who would be a major part of my music making for the coming years. We would play at coffee houses and other events for the better part of 4 years before sort of going our separate ways (Dave Fallis was in Pinstripe Mystery of course). We “wowed” people at St. Jerome’s when we played Fifteen Floors. Apparently writing a halfway decent song was impressive!

Both of the “acts” I was part of adopted the name Banana Company, an homage to a Radiohead song, and a tribute to the fake (and real) bananas that Matt and I brought to shows. The highlight of the first year of the Dave, Dave, and Peter experience was a big show in front of 400 people at Conrad Grebel college. It was an amazing time and we played fantastically. I should also note that Dave and Dave joined Urban Moon along with Liz Mensa for a show in September 2002 at Fed Hall on the Waterloo campus. It was a benefit for local charities, and was the last time Rob, Matt and I were on the same stage.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any recorded material featuring the Waterloo Banana Company. I do however, have a copy of The St. Jerome’s Demos, a 5 song EP I put together for friends in the Spring of 2002. It features the first recorded version of 15 Floors as well as an early version of Contemplate (that second good song I struggled with). Of particular note is the song that I have posted here. Rain was recorded in one take at 3 in the morning or so. It is the truest song I’ve ever written. What I mean is it captures exactly what I was feeling at the time, and had been feeling recently. I am not proud of the sound quality or the performance, but the content of the song is what matters.  It is also about as “emo” as I will ever be. So take that for what it’s worth. Matt and I also recorded some of his songs, and I wish I still had copies of them. The St. Jerome’s Demos became the first of a yearly tradition, each of which will be discussed in the coming days, for now enjoy Lucky and Rain.

Lucky (Seven Mary Three) – Banana Company

Rain – Peter Snow