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I Fly Up To Meet You

November 17, 2008

The greatness of Ty Cobb was something that had to be seen, and to see him was to remember him forever.

George Sisler

Ty Cobb was the greatest Detroit Tiger’s player of all time. He is also considered one of the “bad guys” of baseball history.  He was known for his spikes up slides and his violent play. You have to be pretty bad to be considered a violent baseball player, since it is among the most non-contact sports on earth. I mention Ty Cobb not only because I love baseball and the Detroit Tigers, but because he represents a past that we probably don’t want to return to. Another interesting thing about baseball is that among all the team sports, it is the loneliest. I spent many a summer day playing the game and know that a lot of it was spent with my own thoughts.  When I played centrefield I would talk to myself since there no one was really around.  Perhaps the reason baseball is so beloved is that it is reflective and leisurely unlike the other major sports.  Athletics is usually about winning and competition but for me it as always been a place to think, act, react, and reflect.  The outcome is usually beside the point for me. Maybe I just can’t handle the failure?

Lonely Day tells one person’s tale as they wander the streets and ultimately leave to see the person and place that they love.  They refuse to leave because everything that they left back home is not as important. This song spawned two other songs, The Lights and May, both of which will appear on the blog this week.  This was the very last song I started recording, as The Lights and May represent earlier attempts that went off in different directions.  Lonely Day is a very straight forward song, with only 5 instruments represented.

I hope you enjoy, Lonely Day: